Magento Ecommerce Development

Since its inception, Magento Ecommerce Development has been covering a large market, demonstrating that it can generate a monopoly on a whole that can take business to the next level while meeting all of its modern day criteria.

To develop a customer-centered experience, we spend a significant portion of our design strategy to rigorous analysis and data implementation. Our design team and Magento professionals will develop visually appealing but interconnected customer encounters that are consistent with the client's identity and strategy.

Magento 2 Migration

Magento 2.0 is now available, with expanded eCommerce-centric functionality and high flexibility offers, proving itself to be the best CMS for the construction of online markets ever. While Magento 1.0 support will be phased down soon.

We foresee Magento 2.0's new technological breakthroughs by delighting our global customers with frontend development, backend development, increased API support, visually appealing websites and stores, detailed categories, updated indexers, and improved performance.

Odoo ERP Development

We are experienced in website building and also provide ODOO implementation and software consulting services.We have assembled the best skilled staff to tailor a developing e-commerce enterprise.

Odoo is available for a variety of open source platforms, making it much easier and more flexible to manage a whole e-commerce store as well as physical inventories. Codicil Technology, with extensive experience in the ecommerce sector, assists clients in seamlessly integrating their existing ecommerce shop with Magento-Odoo ERP to streamline corporate operations.


Our team has demonstrated competence in developing mobile commerce apps that create outcomes and improve revenue for our clients.

Get mobile app development solutions that are versatile, high-performance, and enterprise-oriented, and are suited to your company's exact demands and specifications. Our experience is focused on developing all-in-one solutions that produce outcomes.

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